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    This International Building Code® is a copyrighted work owned by the . considered by the ICC Fire Code Development Committee at the code. LEGALLY BINDING DOCUMENTUnited States of AmericaAll citizens and residents are hereby advised that this is a legally binding document. The International Building Code (IBC). Benjamin August 2, Code (IBC) is a model building code developed by the International Code Council. (ICC).

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    International Building Code Ibc 2006 Pdf

    This proposal renumbered what was Section in the edition to Section in The International Building [email protected](IBC®) is a model code that provides . The International Existing Building Code®, in this edition, is designed to meet code as originally issued with changes approved through the ICC code. The International Code Council (ICC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing model codes and standards used in the design, build and compliance.

    There are two types of codes — model and adopted. Model codes are a set of rules, suggested practices or recommendations for others to follow i. Model codes are not law, but they can become law when adopted by local, state, provincial, or national governments. Different aspects of building performance can be addressed by multiple types of codes. These include building code covering many aspects of building design and construction , energy code aimed at regulating energy conservation with a strong focus on the building envelope and fire code addressing life safety for protection against fire, hazardous materials, or other risks such as the threat of carbon monoxide even after the building is occupied. Once adopted, these codes become minimum requirements, and are enforceable by law, with established consequences for non-compliance. Those who fail to meet code requirements, whether they are builders, designers, or owners, may be ordered to make necessary repairs, cease construction activity, have their building permit revoked, be required to demolish all or some portions of the work, face fines or have other consequences levied. Failure to meet code can result in serious legal and liability issues, cancellation of insurance, an inability to have utilities connected, or result in the building being declared unfit for occupation or even imprisonment. Therefore, code compliance is in the best interest of all parties. What is a standard? Standards establish testing methodology, material specifications, guidance documents, practices and more. Standards serve as a common language for defining quality and often establishing performance and safety criteria i. A standard is more technical in nature when compared to a building code. How are codes and standards developed in North America? In both the United States and Canada, the codes and standards development process is intended to be open and transparent, allowing the participation of interested individuals or stakeholders.

    Building Code.

    Model codes are already used outside the United States. Specifically, a means of egress is broken into three parts: the path of travel to an exit, the exit itself, and the exit discharge the path to a safe area outside.

    The code also address the number of exits required for a structure based on its intended occupancy use and the number of people who could be in the place at one time as well as their relative locations.

    It also deals with special needs, such as hospitals, nursing homes, and prisons where evacuating people may have special requirements. In some instances, requirements are made based on possible hazards such as in industries where flammable or toxic chemicals will be in use.

    Accessibility[ edit ] "Accessibility" refers to the accommodation of physically challenged people in structures. This includes maneuvering from public transportation, building entry, parking spaces, elevators, and restrooms.

    This term replaces the term "handicapped" handicapped parking, handicapped restroom which is generally found to be derogatory. Accessibility can also include home automation type systems. Existing structures[ edit ] Building code requirements generally apply to the construction of new buildings and alterations or additions to existing buildings, changes in the use of buildings, and the demolition of buildings or portions of buildings at the ends of their useful or economic lives.

    As such, building codes obtain their effect from the voluntary decisions of property owners to erect, alter, add to, or demolish a building in a jurisdiction where a building code applies, because these circumstances routinely require a permit.

    The plans are subject to review for compliance with current building codes as part of the permit application process. Generally, building codes are not otherwise retroactive except to correct an imminent hazard. The code official shall Bcep official records of applications received, permits and certificates issued, fees collected, reports of inspections, and noticcs and orders issucd.

    Such records shall be retained in thc official records as long as the building or structure to which such records relate remains in existence unlcss othcrwisc providcd for by other regulations. Such rules shall not ha1,e thc cffcct of waiving structural or fire performance requirements specifically provided for in this code, orof violating accepted engineering practice involving public safety.

    Whenever there are practical difficulties involvcd in carrying out the provisions of this code, the cotfc official shall have the authority to grant modifications for individual cases. The provisions of this codc arc not intended to prevent thc installation of any ntaterial or to prohibit any method of construction not specifically prescribed by this code. An alternative material or method of consti-uction shall he approved where the codc official finds that the proposed design is satisfactory and complies with the intent of the provisions of this codc, and that thc rnaterial, method or work offered is, for the purpose intended.

    Test methods shall be as specified in this codc or by other recognized test standards.

    In the absence of recognized and accepted test methods, the code official shall approve thc testing procedures. All tests shall bc performed by arl approved agcncy. The design, documentation. An alternativc engineercd design shall conform to the intent of the provisions of this codc and shall provide an equivalent level of quality.

    Material, equipment or components shall be designed and installed in accordance with thc manufacturer's installation instructions.

    The registered design professional shall indicate on the permit application that the plumbing system is an alternative cngineercd design. The permit and permanent pcrmit records shall indicate that an alternative engineered dcsign was part of the approvcd installation.

    The construction documents shall include floor plans and a riser diagram of the work. Wlicrc appropr-iatc. The alternative cngineercd design shall be tcsted and iiispccted in accordance with the requirements of Sections and Any owner, authorized apcnt or contractor who desires to construct.

    The following work shall bc cxcrnpt froin thc recluiremenl for a pcrmit: 1. The stopping of leaks in drains. The clearing of stoppages or the repairing of lcalis in pipes, valvcs or fixturcs, and the reinoval and reinstallation of water closets, providcd such rcpairs do not involve or require the replaccmcnt or rearrangement of valves, pipcs or fixturcs.

    Exemption from the permit requircmcnts of this codeshall not be deemed to grant authorization for any work to be donc in violation of the provisions of this codc or any other laws or ordinances of this jurisdiction. Each application for a pcrnlit, with the required fee, shall be filed with the code official on n forfurnihhed for that purpose and shall contain a general description of the proposcd work and its location.

    International Code Council ICC International Code Council

    The application shall be signed by the owner or an authorized agent. The pcrmit application shall indicatc the proposed occupancy of all parts of thc building and of that portion of thc sitc or lot, if any, not covered by the building or structure anti shall contain such other information required by the codc official.

    Construction documents, engineering calculations. The codc official shall reiluirc construction documents, cornputations and specifications to be prepared and designed by a registered design professional when required by state law. Thc applicant shall meet all qualifications cstahlislied by statute, or by nllcs promulgated by this code, or by ordinance or by resolution. The full name and address of the applicant shall be statcd in the application.

    Thc application, construction documcnts and othcr data filed by an applicant for permit shall be reviewed by the code official. If the code official finds that tlie proposcd work confornls to the requireincnts of this code and all laws and ordinances applicable thereto, and that the fees spccificd in Section When the code official issucs tlie pentlit where construction documcnls are requil-cd, the construction documents shall be cndorsed i n writing and stamped "APPROVED.

    All work shall bc done in accordance with the approvcd construction documents. The issuance of a permit or approval of construction documcnts shall not be construed to be a permit for, or on approval of. No pcrmit presuming to give authority to violatc cancel the provisions of this code shall bc valid. The code official shall cxtcnd the time for action by the permittee for a period not exceeding days if thcrc is reasonable cause.

    No permit shall be extended morc than once. One set of approvcd construction docurnents shall bc rcturned to thc applicant, and said set shall be kept on thc site of the builtling or work at all tiines during which thc work authorized thereby is in progress. A perinit shall not bc issuetl until tlic tees prcscribed in Section The code official shall authorize the refunding of I'ees as iollows: I. The holder ofthe permit shall be responsible for the scheduling of such inspections.

    Final inspection shall be made nitcr the building is complete, all plumbing fixtures arc in place and properly connectcd. The registered dcsign professional or designated inspector shall periodically inspcct and observe the alternative enginecred design to ctcterminc that the installation is in accordance with thc approved construction documents.

    Records shall be kept of all inspections. Tests shall be made by the permit holder and observed by the codc official.

    International building code ibc 2006 pdf download

    In any case that does not include addition to, rcplacement. Whcrc any work After the prescribed tests and inspections indicate that the work complies in all I-cspoctswith this codc, a notice of approval shall be issued by the codc official. It shnll be unlawful for any pcrson, firm or corporation to erect, construct, alter, rcpair. Any plumbing I-egulatcdby this codc that is unsafe or that constitutes a lire or health hazard, insanitary condition, or is otherwise dangerous to human lifc is hereby declared unsafe.

    The code official shall serve a notice of violation or order to the person responsible for the erection.

    Whencver the code official tictcrmincs that any plumbing, or portion thercof. No pcrson shall use or maintain dcfcctivc plumbing after receiving such noticc. If thc notice of violation is not complicd with promptly, the code official shall request the legal counscl of the jurisdiction to institute the appropriate proceeding at law or in ecluity to restrain. When such plumbing is to be disconnectcd.

    Ally person who shall violate a provision of this code or shall fail to comply with any of the requirements thereof or who shall erect, install, alter or repair plumhing work i l l violation of the approvcd construction documents or directive of the code official, or of a pennit or certificate issucd under the provisions ofthis code, shall be guilty of a [SPECIFY OFFENSE]. Such notice shall be in writing and shall be given to the owncr of thc property. The noticc shall state the conditions under which work is authorized to resume.

    Where an cmcrgency cxists, the code official shall not be required to give a writtcn notice prior to stopping the work. The codc official shall have the authority to authorize disconnection of utility service to the building.

    If not notified prior to disconnecting, the ourncr or occupant of the building. No pcrson shall make connections from any energy. Any person shall havc the right to appcal a decision of the codc official to thc board of appeals. The application shall be filed on a form obtained from thc code official within 20 days after the notice was served.

    Thereaftel; each new mellibcr shall scrvc for 5 years or until a successor has been appointed. Registered design professional who is a registered architect: or a builder or superintendent of building construction with at least 10 years' experience, 5 years of which shall have bcen in responsible charge of work.

    Registered dcsign professional with mechanical and plumbing cnginecring experience; or a mechanical and plumbing contractor with at least I0 years' cxpcI-icnce,5 ycars of which shall have been in responsible charge of work. Registered design professional with electrical engineering cxpcrience; or an electrical contractor with at lcast 10 ycars' experience, 5 years of which shall have bcen in responsible chargc of work. Thc chicf administrative officer shall designate n qualified clerk to serve as secretary to the Imard.

    The sccrctary shall filc a detailed record of all proceedings in the officc of the chief administrative officer. The hoard 5hnll mcct upon noticc from thc chairman.

    All hearings before thc board shall bc open to the public. The board shall adopt and makc available to tlie public through the secretary proccdul-cs under which a hearing will be conducted. The board shall modify or reverse the decision of the codc official by aconcurring of thrcc mcmbcrs. Any person, whether or not a previous party of thc appeal, shall have the right to apply-to the appropriate court for a writ of certiorari to correct crrors of law.

    International building code ibc pdf download

    Application for review shall be made in the manner and timc required by Inw following the filing of the dccision in thc officc of the chicf administrative officer. The unobstructed See "Supports.

    Where terms are not defined dcviceh that elirninatc siphonage. Acceptable to the codc official or other n11t11or- I ity having jurisdiction. A lilting or dcvice supplied with watcr or other fluid under positive pressure that passes through an intcgnll orifice or constriction, causing a vacuum. Aspirators are also I-efcrrcclto as suction apparatus.

    Backpressure, low head. A pressure less than o r equal to 4.

    One-way valve designed to Backsiphonage. The device shall close by gravity and seal the vent terminal at zero differential prcssure no flow contlitions and under positive internal pressures. The purpose of an air admittance valve is to provide a method of allowing air to entcr the plumbing drainagc system without the usc of a vcnt extended to open air and to prevent sewer gases from escaping into a building. Backwater value. The unobstructed vertical dis- ble watcl- supply from any source cxccpt thc intended source.

    The flow of water or other liquids. Any arrangement whereby backflow is possible. A building sewer that conveys stornl water or othcr drainage, hut not sewage.

    That portion of a drainage system bacl that does not drain by gravity into the building scwer. Sce "Fill valve. A group of fixtures consisting of a watcr closet, lavatory, bathtub or showcr, including or cxcluding a bidet.

    Such fixtures arc locatcd together on the same floor level. A fixture utilized for scalding bcdpans o r urinals by direct application of steam or boiling watcr. A fixture designcd to wash bcdpans and to flush the contents into the sanitary drainage system.

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